Self Help-Test Anxiety

'Overcoming Test Anxiety' Worksheet

  • I have made a list of relaxing and confidence building statements and have practiced them regularly.
  • I have practiced relaxation regularly, as well as right before the test.
  • I have my materials organized for the test (watch, pen/pencils, paper, scantron, calculator, other______________________).
  • I ate a light meal before the test.
  • I slept the night before the test (if you must cram do so 2 nights before the test).
  • I have avoided entering the classroom until just as the professor walks in ( so I don't have to hear other last-minute panic).
  • I have imagined I am doing my best on the exam. I can see myself looking over the test, writing answers, and feeling calm.
  • I have avoided nervous people prior to the test.
  • If I start to feel nervous, I will put my pencil down and make calming, positive statements while practicing my relaxation for a minute or so.