Personal Counseling Events



Personal Counseling Groups - Summer 2012

The personal counseling group sessions at the Student Counseling Service provide a means for you to talk about yourself, your feelings, the way you relate to other people, how you cope with your life, and other topics that may concern you.

Workshops consist of one to three sessions that focus on specific topics. They are designed to increase knowledge and improve skills in areas that enrich the quality of life.

If you are a currently enrolled Texas A&M student and feel that a particular group may be of help to you, come by the Student Counseling Service, located in Cain Hall, or call 979-845-4427 to make an appointment to speak with a screening counselor. The counselor can help you determine if group counseling would benefit you. The Student Counseling Service does not charge for personal counseling services.


Mature Aggie Women Support and Personal Growth Group

Date & Time: TBA

This group provides a safe and supportive environment for female students to explore and work on academic and personal issues. Issues and topics are determined by group members, but often include adjustment to A&M; handling personal, romantic, peer and professor relationships assertively; self-confidence and self-esteem; stress management; and finding balance and perspective in that complex personal and academic life experienced by graduate or undergraduate female students who are older than the typical undergraduate age.  Screening appointment with group leader(s) required.

Facilitators: Kerry Hope & Sarah Ou-Young


Survivors of Suicide Loss

Day & Time: TBA

Losing a family member or very close friend to suicide is uniquely painful and traumatic whether it happened recently or many years ago.  Meeting with others who are also impacted by a suicide loss in a confidential, supportive, compassionate, and non-judgmental group will allow you to feel understood and less isolated.  Grow and become more empowered by learning new coping skills, learning how to deal with difficult anniversaries and special occasions, and learning about other issues pertinent to suicide survivors. Screening appointment with group leader required.

Facilitator: Kerry Hope


Understanding Self and Others (CANCELLED)

Day & Time: TBA

In this group, through interactions with other group members, you will better understand yourself and your relationship patterns, and develop ways of changing these patterns to improve your relationships.  You will have opportunities to observe your own and others’ emotions, thoughts, behaviors, and reactions as they occur. Screening is required to participate in this group.

Facilitators: TBA


Women of Color

Day & Time: TBA

 This group is for female students from U.S. ethnic groups (e.g., Latina/Hispanic, Asian American, African American, Native American, etc.) and other countries.  It provides a safe and supportive environment to discuss the influence of race/ethnicity/culture on family of origin concerns, relationship difficulties, trauma experiences (e.g., abuse, violence), and academic and/or career concerns.  This group also helps members explore the impact of race/ethnicity/culture on identity (e.g., sexual orientation, gender, religion, class, citizenship status, etc.), developmental, and transnational (e.g., migration, documentation, acculturation) concerns. A screening with co-leaders is required to participate in the group.

Facilitators: Iris Carrillo & Gisela Lin