Meet the Staff

Get to know our staff:  Each staff member has written a little bit about what they do here at SCS as well as in their personal life. These entries include an email address and a link to other contact information.

SCS Staff

Direct Service Staff

Iris Carrillo Psychologist II
Robert Carter Psychologist IV
Joseph Castiglioni Psychiatrist
Lanice Chappell Professional Counselor III
Megan Culpepper Professional Counselor I
Mary Ann Covey Associate Director, Training
Kristie De La Garza Professional Counselor III
James Deegear Assistant Director
Maggie (Olona) Gartner Executive Director and Counseling Psychologist
Carla Heinly Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
Jason Hindman Psychologist II
Kerry Hope Psychologist IV
Kari Keller Psychologist I
Jenny Kenley Professional Counselor III
J.C. Gisela Lin Psychologist IV
Jeanette Madkins Assistant Director
Katie Mahan Professional Counselor I
Michelle Morris Professional Counselor I
Carlos Orozco Psychologist III
Sarah Ou-Young Professional Counselor IV
Dennis Reardon Professional Counselor IV
Bethany Smith Professional Counselor III
Ted Stachowiak Associate Director, Clinical Services
Michelle Thomas Professional Counselor III
Nancy Welch Psychologist IV
Brian Williams Psychologist III
Esther Wright-Wilson Psychologist IV

Psychology Interns

Case Referral Coordinator

Practicum Counselor



Ancillary Staff

Travis Batson Senior Administrative Coordinator
Lori Bienski Administrative Coordinator
Yolanda Burke Senior Office Associate
Krista DeVries Information Technology Professional II
Rhonda Harrison Senior Office Assistant
Pearlean Howard Senior Customer Service Assistant
Jerri McSloy Lead Office Assistant
Amy Rucker Business Administrator I
Susan Vavra Counseling & Development Specialist IV & Adjunct Supervisor
Roger Whitaker Senior Information Technology Professional II
Andrea Wiggins Senior Customer Service Assistant

Student Workers

  • Samantha Junek
  • Leila Warraich

Student Technician

  • Vacant