Self Help-ABC

ABC Method of Time Management

Step #1: Successful leaders in almost every field organize each day according to the priority assigned to the activities to be accomplished. Make sufficient copies of the Daily Activity Guide to insure a two-week supply, and use the form as an aid in planning each day's work.
Step #2: Beginning with tomorrow, write in the day of the week and begin listing the things that you need to do.  Things that must be done this day are to be listed under "I Must Do!"  Things that should be done this day, if possible, but could be postponed, if necessary, are to be listed under "I Should Do!"  Things that could be done, if time permits, but may be delayed without penalty are to be listed under "I Could Do!"
Step #3: Repeat Step #2 each day for the next two weeks.  At the end of each day, evaluate the day's accomplishments according to the following scale:
"Must Do"
"Should Do"
"Could Do"
Terrific All All All
Very Good All All 3/4+
Good All 3/4+ 1/2+
Okay 3/4+ 1/2+ 1/4+
Bad 1/2+ 1/4+ None
Very Bad 1/4+ None None
Terrible None None None