Self-Help Information

At the Student Counseling Service (SCS), we place a high priority on being accessible to students. Here are some resources to check out whether you have already scheduled an appointment or just want to find strategies to help improve your well-being on your own.

Note: The information and links to external resources are provided for convenience and information. This is not a substitute for evaluation by a mental health professional.



Stress Management/Coping

Adjustment and Resilience

Healthy Lifestyle



  • Sanvello (stress, anxiety, improve healthy lifestyle)
  • Breathe2Relax (meditation for stress reduction)
  • Headspace (meditation and mindfulness)
  • Mood Tools (depression)
  • Virtual Hope Box (emotional regulation and stress management)



For more information on a variety of mental wellness topics, visit the SCS Virtual Library.

Academic Concerns

Career Decision Making

Visit the Career Counseling & Testing Center for more information on these subjects.



Personal Issues

For similar information, please see our Personal Counseling resources.