The Student Counseling Service provides support for students who are reassessing their use of alcohol and/or other drugs.  Services include providing assessments to learn more about your use and its impact on your life, building and maintaining motivation, learning to set personal goals, gaining strategies for leading a more balanced and satisfying life, and making choices that are right for you.  The SCS can provide useful information about the nature of addiction and understanding the potential impact of alcohol and other drugs widely used by college students.

Alcohol and Other Drug Assessment

The initial assessment typically includes a clinical interview to gather information about the student’s history of drug and alcohol use, as well as, identify any contextual factors impacting the role of substances in the student’s life. This helps in assessing the impact that the student’s substance use has on their presenting concerns as well as on overall functioning. Additionally, the counselor may provide brief screening tests such as the Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT) and the Drug Abuse Screening Test (DAST) to determine the level of risk a student may have for abusing alcohol or other drugs.

Treatment Options at the SCS

Depending on the student’s needs and readiness for change, specific treatment recommendations are provided. Treatment options within the SCS include: Group counseling, individual counseling, and self-help resources as well as service to target co-occurring psychiatric issues such as anxiety and depression. The Alcohol and Other Drug Use (AOD) group is a harm reduction group which provides a safe, supportive and non-judgmental environment to discuss your relationship with alcohol and drugs. Abstinence is not required, and this is not a 12-step group. Additionally, self-help resources may include videos and smartphone apps.  For needs that may be outside the scope of the agency’s services, the counselor may refer the student to a treatment program within or outside the community as appropriate. We also help students get connected with resources within and outside the campus community for additional support with recovery.

Additional Resources  

Please visit our substance use links page for information on commonly abused substances among college students, including short- and long-term effects of risky or harmful use, binge drinking, information about different categories of drugs, drug slang names, and the stages of change.