QPR Gatekeeper Training


QPR For Suicide Prevention


Current Training Sessions for Fall 2018:

Tuesday January 15th 11:00 am - 1:00 pm Conference Building 2 (0063) SS@WC
Friday February 1st 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm Conference Building 2 (0063) SS@WC
Monday February 11th 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm Conference Building 2 (0063) SS@WC
Thursday February 21st 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm Conference Building 2 (0063) SS@WC
Monday **Campus Connect** March 7th 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm Conference Building 2 (0063) SS@WC
Friday  March 22nd 11:00 am - 1:00 pm Conference Building 2 (0063) SS@WC
Wednesday  March 27th  10:00 am - 12:00 pm Conference Building 2 (0063) SS@WC
Tuesday  April 2nd 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm Conference Building 2 (0063) SS@WC
Monday April 15th 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm Conference Building 2 (0063) SS@WC
Wednesday May 1st 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm Conference Building 2 (0063) SS@WC


Suicide is everyone's business . . .

  • Suicide is the second leading cause of death for college students.
  • Up to 5% of college students had attempted suicide while in college.
  • Every year at A&M a significant number of students attempt suicide... and there has been one or more suicide deaths in recent years.
  • About 1 in every 10 college students seriously contemplate or threaten suicide.
  • One college student in twelve had made a suicide plan.
  • Suicide prevention training is effective in lowering the number of suicides on campuses, and this has been the case at A&M.




Those who have attended A&M's QPR training report they are more knowledgeable and comfortable about suicide and believe they are more likely to intervene with a troubled student in the future.


Suicide Prevention Training…

QPR (Question Persuade Refer):

  • QPR offers a traditional approach to understanding the impact and prevalence of suicide, and intervention tools. This training specifically prepares participants to recognize the warnings signs, know what to say to friends or colleagues, how to persuade someone to stay alive, and where to identify referrals that are available in the local community.
    • The three skills you learn as a QPR Gatekeeper:
      • How to recognize the signs that someone may be at risk for suicide
      • What to do or say (or not do or say) if you think someone might be at risk for suicide
      • Where and how to refer someone who is depressed or considering suicide

Campus Connect:

  • Campus Connect is an interactive training providing participants opportunities to enhance their knowledge, awareness, and skills concerning college student suicide. This training focuses on increasing gatekeepers’ knowledge about students in a suicidal crisis, developing empathic listening and communication skills, and how to compassionately and directly ask students about their suicidal
    • Campus Connect Gatekeeper training provides participants :
      • Review of effective communication and relationship-building skills
      • Instructions on how to ask students if they are thinking about suicide and how to refer students to mental health professionals
      • Discussion of emotional reactions experienced both by students in crisis and responding gatekeepers
      • Fun experiential exercises

Those who have attended said . . .

  • "Powerful, pertinent, a must have. It is practical and empowering."
  • "One of the very best training sessions I've attended. Very educational, timely, and kinda fun."
  • "Some people have a gift of naturally handling stressful situations – Gatekeeper Training gives everyone a tool to make this difficult task easier."
  • "This will open your eyes to the reality of suicide & provide you the tools to save someone's life."
  • "It is really beneficial considering the stress that college students or loved ones can be under."
  • "Everyone who is a friend, co-worker, and parent can use this. It is not workplace or student specific."

Here's how to become a Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper…

  • Those attending QPR must be able to attend the entire two hour session.
  • Those attending Campus Connect must be able to attend the entire 2.5 hour session.
  • Only A&M faculty or staff members or currently enrolled A&M students may attend.
  • Complete the Suicide Prevention Presentation Request form for training
  • Please let us know of any needed ADA special accommodations when you register.

If YOU as an individual want to attend an "open" Gatekeeper Training session, preregistration is required due to limited space:

If YOUR GROUP (A&M department, office, or recognized student organization) would like to schedule its own Gatekeeper Training, complete the Suicide Prevention Presentation Request form AND email the form as an attachment to QPR@scs.tamu.edu. Please put " Group Suicide Prevention training wanted" in the subject line:

  • Complete the ENTIRE form
  • Select the training you are requesting for your group (i.e. QPR or Campus Connect)
  • Describe the work / your role with students

For other information about Suicide Prevention Trainings contact Ms. Santana Simple at QPR@scs.tamu.edu.