Resources for Undocumented Students

Are you an undocumented student?

The Student Counseling Service at Texas A&M University welcomes you! We are looking forward to assisting you in meeting your academic, career, and personal needs as you adjust to college life and pursue your educational goals.

Below you will find information and resources that may be helpful as you transition into college life. Whether you are just beginning your college career or are about to graduate, there is usually a significant amount of stress in adapting to a university experience. This transition can lead to several challenges, including academic, social, physical, financial, emotional, and relational.

Counseling may not be a culturally encouraged resource in your family or community, but it can be valuable to your university experience in many ways. Meeting with a counselor the first time can help you understand how the challenges of being an undocumented student may be affecting your well-being or functioning. Together, you and your counselor can begin to look at a plan for your emotional care. 

Counselors at the Student Counseling Service are equipped to support undocumented students with concerns such as:

  • Difficult adjustment to the university environment
  • Uncertainty about your major or future
  • Excessive worry or inability to concentrate
  • Difficulty with sleep
  • Relationship problems
  • Family concerns
  • Low mood or depression
  • Stressors associated with citizenship status
  • Couples therapy (if both partners are current TAMU students)
  • Sexual orientation or gender identity/ expression concerns
  • Overall health and wellness

Services We Provide

Individual Personal Counseling: Facilitate self-discovery, self-confidence, improve relationships and achieve educational goals. Get help making good decisions for emotional, intellectual, physical, and spiritual well-being. Couples therapy is also available.

Career Counseling: Increase awareness of interests, abilities, values, and personality characteristics as they apply to the workplace and explore possible majors of study. Consider the impact of citizenship status and/ or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) approval on career goals.

First Generation College Students: This group is for students who are the first in their immediate family to attend college.  It provides support, understanding, and helpful suggestions to assist students deal with the personal, social, familial, financial, and academic challenges unique to first generation in college students. 

International Student Discussion Group: This group is for students who identify as an international student or who may relate to the experience of being an international student. It provides support, understanding, and suggestions from other international students. Members can share learning experiences and resources, and connect with others from around the world.

Stress Management and Biofeedback Training: Learn to calm your mind, increase focus and help concentration.

Crisis Intervention: During office hours, walk to the SCS at 757 West Campus Blvd. if you need to speak to someone urgently. After 4:00 p.m. and on weekends, call the SCS HelpLine at 979.845.2700.

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Additional Resources:

Information provided by International Student Services for undocumented students:

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