Career Counseling

Career counseling focuses on who you are as a whole person as you engage in the process of career exploration. Career counseling assists students interested in choosing an academic major or graduate program, identifying potential careers or areas of professional interest, or working to integrate their academic and/or professional pursuits with their broader life choices.
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Crisis Intervention

If you find yourself in a crisis situation you may come to the Student Counseling Service (Student Services @ White Creek, (979.845.4427) for crisis intervention anytime during business hours 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday. After 4 PM or on weekends, you may call the HelpLine at 979.845.2700(V/TTY), or go to the nearest hospital emergency room.
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Learning Disability and ADD/ADHD Screenings

Learning disabilities are typically identified when a person’s level of achievement is significantly below what would be expected for her/his age, schooling, and level of intelligence. Screening for learning disabilities is the first step in the evaluation process. It helps determine if formal evaluation, which can be expensive, is needed. The screening process consists of an interview, testing, and recommendations regarding further evaluation. If there is evidence of a learning disability, a referral will be made for a formal evaluation. Only through a formal evaluation can a diagnosis be determined.
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Personal Counseling

Personal counseling is a process that facilitates self-discovery and growth, and most students at one time or another can benefit from personal counseling. Counseling can help improve self-confidence, relationships, academic performance, and decision making for your overall well-being. The SCS provides individual, couple, and group counseling for concerns that are common among students.
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Psychiatric Services

Psychiatric services are available through recommendation of a Student Counseling Service counselor.
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Self-Help, Outreach, and Consultation

Includes educational and informational presentations, workshops, and programs, consultation to faculty, staff, and organizations about student needs, and access to the SCS virtual library of self-help articles and information sheets.
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Stress Management & Biofeedback Training

Stress and anxiety have many causes and can impact us in different ways. Relaxation techniques can help us learn to manage our stress better. Biofeedback uses specific relaxation techniques designed to manage stress & anxiety more effectively.
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Testing Services

A variety of learning and study skills, career interest, and personality instruments are available upon the recommendation of your counselor. Testing can give you information to help you select a major and career, improve your academic performance, or understand yourself better. The SCS Testing Services may also be able to proctor correspondence class exams for courses you are taking from another university.
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