Login to SCS Online Student Services

All students must log in to verify enrollment before accessing online student services with the SCS.

NOTE: Enter numerical responses in both fields below (no dashes or slashes). Your PIN is the month, day, and year (last two digits only) of your birth (mmddyy). All single-digit numbers must be preceded by a zero. Example: If your birthdate is January 6, 1982, you will enter 010682.

Important: LIMITED CLIENT PARKING is available near the Student Services @ White Creek complex. Please see our parking page for details.

Eligibility for Services

Clients must be currently enrolled students and have paid the University Advancement Fee to receive counseling services at the SCS. During the Summer sessions, non-enrolled students may be seen for academic and career services if they meet one of the following criteria:

  1. Any former student who has pre-registered for or been granted readmission for the upcoming Fall Semester.
  2. Any prospective freshman or transfer student who has been admitted for the Fall Semester.
  3. Students who completed the spring semester and are enrolled for the fall semester are eligible for SCS services.

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